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Yannik Moll
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Intro to Talentspring

As a leading service provider in the recruiting sector, they specialize in helping companies find and retain the best talent. With a strong focus on the digital and technology sector, they are able to meet the industry's need for professionals with in-depth knowledge and outstanding skills. They have set themselves the challenging task of combining the right people with the right positions for leading companies such as Aldi Süd, Just Eat, McMakler Klarna. But pioneers also need support sometimes, and that's where Growably comes in.

The new Hero Section from Talentspring sums up the value proposition.

Why Taltentspring needed a new website

The old website was functional, but no longer reflected the professional company stage on which Talentspring operates. In order to launch a series of sales measures, a website was needed that played at the top level both in terms of content concept and design.
Plus, the page wasn't generating enough qualified leads. It needed a website that clearly communicates the unique offer and converts visitors into customers.

In short:

  • UX design was not aimed at clear user guidance
  • CI/CD was not perfectly staged
  • Site was built with Squarespace and reached its limit with the new requirements
  • The website had great potential in the area of conversion optimization.

This is how we implemented the project together

At Growably, we love challenges — the bigger the better. With Talentspring, we have embarked on a journey to transform their website into a powerful, conversion-optimized sales asset.

In the initial discussion with Talentspring, the requirements were quickly defined. The site map was designed directly in order to coordinate the scope even more clearly for everyone.

With our structured and transparent approach, we covered the entire process — from strategic conception to copywriting and UX design to development in Webflow. Each step was reviewed and challenged in tight feedback loops.

The Talentspring team initially wrote the copy themselves. Using Google Docs, we reviewed the texts and optimized them for clarity, tonality and messaging.

After completing copywriting, it was time to present the content in the brand's CI/CD in a visually appealing and clearly understandable way.
The sales team received a request for further resource pages for white papers that are used in the outreach process.

Thanks to the tight feedback loops, we were able to react quickly and integrate these pages.

Screenshot during the UX/UI design phase in Figma.

When developing Webflow, we always start by setting up a scalable style sheet to establish a global CSS class system.
The CMS allows the Talentspring team to publish new content in the Resource Hub themselves.
By using Webflow Components, individual sections can be quickly added to new pages. As a result, new landing pages can also be implemented in-house.
The tool integrations such as Hubspot, Zapier & Hippo were integrated at the end, so that the website is perfectly integrated into Talentspring's tech stack.

The Hippo video player has been integrated into the resources pages.

The result

The result? A website that not only looks professional, but also appeals to the right people and gets them on the right track. Talentspring now has a website that functions as a strong sales channel, with a clear message and an intuitive, user-friendly design.

The new website was the start of a new sales campaign for Talentspring and provided a range of benefits:

  • Content hub with content for leads in the consideration phase and for demand generation
  • Seamless integration with Talentspring's sales & marketing tools
  • Conversion-optimized structure & user-friendly design for more customer inquiries

“Through our collaboration, we were able to turn our non-specific website into a powerful and conversion-optimized sales asset.”

Finn Langpape
Head of Business Development

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