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Yannik Moll
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About Planpay

Planpay is a SaaS startup, which provides an innovative platform for HR financial management. It enables teams to manage HR budgets efficiently, avoid bad decisions, and carry out better business plans. With a uniform source of information and automatic synchronization of operational HR systems, Planpay ensures shorter and more integrative planning cycles. The software is appreciated by modern companies and allows them to save hundreds of hours, save an average of 15% of personnel expenditure and improve the quality of personnel management decisions.

The challenge

Since Planpay, as a SaaS provider, is aware of the impact a functioning website has on the business, it was clear from the start that a professional website was necessary to get started.
Planpay aimed, on the one hand, to be perceived as a reputable software provider and, on the other hand, to give the user a clear picture of the software. Since there was no internal capacity or knowledge, the website project was completely handed over to us.

In summary, the challenges were:

  • No capacity or know-how to create a website internally
  • A website is needed to be perceived as a reputable company
  • SaaS solution must be presented in an understandable way
  • Acquiring customers directly via the website

The solution: A modern SaaS website with unique animations

Although Planpay provided the content for the website itself, our focus at Growably was on designing the user experience (UX/UI design) and developing the website using Webflow. Thanks to an intensive design sprint, we were able to complete the complete redesign of the website within just three weeks. This tight pace was only possible due to our tight feedback loops, which enabled rapid decision making with regard to the design.

In order to present Planpay's product on the website in the best possible way, we went a step further than just design: We also created animated mockups to ensure a visually appealing and vivid presentation of the product.

The result: A scalable B2B SaaS website to inspire investors and potential customers.

With the redesign of the Planpay website, we have created a powerful platform that can grow and scale with the company.

The design? Crisp and modern. The Webflow development? scalable & 100% SEO optimized. The visualizations? Top notch thanks to the motion mockups that bring the product to life.

But we didn't just focus on looks. We also wanted to create something that really appealed to both customers and investors. Something that not only provides information but also inspires.

The new Planpay website is therefore not just a great online presence. It is a tool that strengthens Planpay's market position and supports its ambitious goals.

In short, we are proud of what we have achieved together with Planpay!

Planpay Website

“Growably delivered a very well-designed website within a short time frame. The team impressed us with their responsiveness, customer focus and timely delivery of results.”

Noah Magel
Product & Business Operations Officer
Planpay GmbH

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