New website for the Cologne-based Enterprise SaaS startup as a brand hub and sales channel.

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Yannik Moll
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Intro to Sunhat

Sunhat is a software startup that supports sustainability teams by automating their responses to sustainability questionnaires, ESG assessments, and sustainability reporting checklists.

With Sunhat, companies in the supply chain can save valuable time preparing answers to the numerous sustainability questionnaires and requirements of their B2B customers and partners, collecting relevant data, and maintaining associated evidence.

Sunhat automates the manual collection, review, and management of sustainability indicators and evidence so that corporate sustainability officers can focus on their effective tasks.

The initial situation

Sunhat contacted us because the originally created one-page website no longer met the requirements due to the growth of the company and the versatility of the B2B SaaS solution. The website should meet the professional requirements of the brand and translate them into web design. Furthermore, the Webflow project was initially created without a global class system, which meant that changes and new pages on the website could only be implemented with a great deal of time.

Screenshot of the Sunhat website before the relaunch

This is how we implemented the project together

Strategic reorientation of the website

In order to achieve the best possible result, we have decided to redesign the website from scratch. Together, we developed the strategic structure of the website in a workshop. In doing so, we placed particular emphasis on the individual needs of the respective target groups and in particular the personas behind the ICPs (User+ Executives). Since both groups are equally involved in the buying process, it was important to find a strategy and a message that appeals equally to both sides and brings them closer to the benefits.

Sitemap Planning for the new Sunhat website

Following the strategic realignment of the website, it was time for the UX & UI design of the website.

After completing copywriting, the goal was to present the content in the brand's CI/CD in a visually appealing and clearly understandable way.

In close feedback loops, we developed a design system together, which is the basis for all pages of the website.

CD & UI kit of the website

Since Sunhat's SaaS product is very complex, we also created product mockups in the further process to better support the texts. It was important that the content was as easy as possible for the user to understand.

Final product mockups for Sunhat

In later Webflow development, great emphasis was placed on a global class system. On the one hand, this means that the website code is not bloated, which leads to faster loading time. On the other hand, changes to the CD can be changed at one point in Webflow, which makes expanding the page much easier and faster.

Global class system in Webflow

The result

As a result, Sunhat not only has a website that fits perfectly with the brand, but also optimally addresses all target groups. Thanks to the good user interface and the optimized UX & UI, users find their way around perfectly and receive all the information they need to make their purchase decision. Thanks to the integration of Hubspot, users can now book an appointment on the website quickly and easily without having to fill out a contact form.

Here are some visual impressions of the website:

Complex ESG software made simple, understandable and tangible.

“We were particularly impressed by the pragmatic approach and creativity.”

Jeannette Dinh
Marketing & Sales Manager

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