Pola is a SaaS startup that brings companies with suitable models & creators together in an AI-based matching process. This allows brands to book authentic content for their marketing channels inexpensively.

Tobias Giesen
Tobias Giesen
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SaaS website for Creator Economy Startup Poland

As an early-stage startup, Pola was involved in fundraising at the beginning of the collaboration. To support this and to convince investors, one thing in particular was relevant: Traction 🔥

With the Pola app with 10,000 MAU, a strong basis was already in place, and there was still a lack of monetization through the B2B site. That is why the relaunch focused on developing a scalable website in as short a time as possible that generates as many demo requests as possible.

On top, the Shopify integration with Webflow made it possible to sell an MVP version of the offer directly.

You can't build up traction any faster!

Pola has now completed a successful seed round.

The challenge

Pola's website must explain the complex business model in an understandable way and fulfill various conversion goals.

  • Generate demo call bookings for the platform and enterprise inquiries
  • Generate sign-ups for the beta version of the tool
  • Optimize sales of Content Face packages

The solution

From custom code to Webflow

In addition to the content & strategic requirements for the new website, another problem also had to be solved. The old website was programmed by a developer, without documentation, without CMS, without scalable hosting, without an easy-to-use interface so that you could make quick changes yourself. In short: The website was a stomach ache topic. No one in the team was able to adapt and expand them. So switching to Webflow was a no-brainer.

Shopify integration for direct package sales

Pola's Content Face packages offer brands the opportunity to order content for their brands even without a sign-up on the pola platform.

For a smooth sales & checkout process, we have integrated Shopify natively with Webflow. This allows the team to take advantage of product management in Shopify and benefit from Shopify's automated invoicing processes and streamlined checkout while using Webflow for the actual website.

Shopify buy button integration into Webflow on the pola website

The result: A conversion-optimized website that generates leads and revenue

Shortly after the relaunch, pola was able to generate several demo calls a week with the new website and, after 3 months, record high 4-digit sales via the Shopify integration. This also strengthened the position in talks with Angels and VCs. In addition to the conversion-optimized homepage, pola now also has the option to address investors and other stakeholders directly on the website. Thanks to Webflow, new landing pages can be implemented easily and with little effort.

“The team supported us with messaging and placed great emphasis on conversion optimization during the design. Since the launch, our demo bookings have increased by 200%. We are more than happy!”

Adrian Ballosch

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