The 7 best SaaS pricing page examples from 2023

Learn how to build a compelling SaaS pricing page that turns potential customers into paying customers. We'll introduce you to the most important elements and show you examples of successful SaaS pricing pages in 2023.

Yannik Moll
Yannik Moll
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The 7 best SaaS pricing page examples from 2023

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The pricing page is one of the most important landing pages on your entire website: It's almost a given that every potential customer looks at your pricing page before they make an enquiry and continue through the sales funnel.

That's why it's important to make the right first impression with your pricing page.

When you invest the right resources in developing a lean, intuitive, and logical pricing page, it will be much easier to convince your potential customers.

Regardless of whether your company wants to revise its pricing model or optimize its conversion rates, an appealing pricing page is the key for every successful SaaS company.

In this article, we present examples of effective SaaS Pricin pages that increase traffic, generate leads, and ultimately lead to new customers.

What makes for a good SaaS pricing page?

Here are a few important elements to keep in mind:

Outstanding design layout:

First and foremost, the information on a SaaS pricing page should be structured in such a way that it is easy to understand. This is particularly important for your pricing table. Price tables are best presented in a column format and ideally fit as well as possible across the upheaval.


Communicate your value proposition clearly on your pricing page and entice potential customers to take a closer look at it.

Price packages:

Each package should identify a target market and clearly express its value. Include lists of features that highlight the key features or benefits of each package.

Free options:

Offer a trial or basic version of your software to reduce customer hesitation and increase the conversion rate.

Toggle switch/tabs:

If your pricing model is complex, you can give users the option to easily switch between options.


Provide additional information that is less relevant but still important.

Call to action (CTA) buttons:

CTAs should directly support and influence potential customers' decision making—whether it's to learn more, talk to a sales representative, or (ideally) make a purchase.

FAQ sections:

Answer any recurring questions that potential customers might have.

Trust signals:

Increase credibility by including customer logos, testimonials or customer reviews on your pricing page as well.

Examples of the best SaaS pricing sites of 2023:

To give you an idea of how these elements can be implemented in practice, here are some best practice examples for SaaS pricing pages:

Hub Spot:

Hubspot SaaS Pricing

With perhaps the most dynamic pricing side of a SaaS company we've ever seen, Hubspot impressively manages to make something complicated appear remarkably simple.

You can find the full Hubspot pricing page here

HubSpot's pricing page includes a range of tables for free tools, platforms, and packages — all rolled into one interface. Navigation through the tables is extremely intuitive, and the interactive toggle switches and adjusters provide a unique element of user engagement.

Overall, we're big fans! 5 stars.

Things we love about this SaaS pricing page:

🧠 Intuitivity

🛠 Interactive tools

❓ Extensive FAQ section

📞 Well-placed CTAs


Retool Saas Pricing

Retool's pricing page is a good example of a clear and concise design that creates authority and trust.

The page is decorated in subtle pastel colors and has a clear list of functions, which helps to ensure that the page does not look cluttered.

The “Cloud/Self Hosted” toggle and the tooltips in the functional area make it easy for users to quickly switch between options and understand the functions offered. The meaningful trust signals, such as customer testimonials, also help build credibility and increase the number of interested parties.

Things we love about this SaaS pricing page:

🌈 Subtle pastel finish

🧹 Clean feature lists

🤝 Eye-catching trust signals

✔️ Clear feature comparison table


Gusto SaaS Pricing

Gusto is a leading provider of HR software and its pricing page reflects its position as a reputable and reliable company. The site is straightforward and easy to use, with a clean layout that makes it easy for users to understand the options available. The use of tooltips and drop-down menus helps keep the page clear, and the typography, colors, and icons complement each other seamlessly. The page also has an activating headline, a fold-out table with features, tooltips, and an integration bar that make the page more interactive and informative.

Things we love about this SaaS pricing page:

👈 Actionable headline

✔️ Collapsible characteristics table with tooltips

🔌 Integration bar

❓ Detailed FAQ section


Blocknative SaaS pricing

Blocknative is a website builder that makes it easy for users to build and launch their own website. Your pricing page is a good example of a simple and easy-to-understand design. The page includes a concise pricing table that highlights the various features and benefits of each plan, as well as a free trial option that allows users to test the platform before opting for a paid plan. The page also includes a well-placed call-to-action button and an FAQ section that answers any recurring questions potential customers might have.

Things we love about this SaaS pricing page:

🎨 Web 3.0 stylistic design elements

🆓 Freemium Plan

🤝 Trust logos with reputable crypto companies

❓ Relevant FAQ section

Slack (mobile):

Slack SaaS pricing

For our best examples of SaaS pricing pages, we had to make sure to also create a pricing page with a mobile layout.

Companies often neglect the importance of user-friendly mobile device design. Especially with price pages, it can be a challenge to create an excellent user experience with so little space.

Slack has succeeded in creating a responsive and mobile-friendly pricing page with a few unique features.

We recommend that you visit Slack's pricing page on your phone.

First and foremost, mobile pricing pages make the most sense when they're easy to scroll.

That's why Slack ensures that every section is short and concise. This way, users don't have to scroll endlessly (and don't leave the page out of frustration).

Instead, Slack has included buttons that users can click if they want to learn more about a specific layer.

The page is also equipped with an accordion-like FAQ, and users can access customer reports by swiping. All in all, Slack really thought of the mobile user interface when developing its pricing page. Good job, Slack.


Gatsby SaaS Pricing

If your business needs a fast, scalable, and secure website, Gatsby is for you.

There is a lot to consider for this pricing page.

Take a closer look at Gatsby's pricing page here!

It contains just about everything we discussed at the beginning: a meaningful slogan, a clear pricing table, memorable stage names, several trust signals, tooltips and toggles, and lots of FAQs.

Gatsby has also included a section that presents customer support, which is a nice extra.

Undoubtedly one of the best pricing sites out there!

Things we love about this SaaS pricing page:

✨ Elegant minimalism

🆓 Free plan and free trial

✔️ Collapsible feature comparison table

🤝 Trust bars, testimonials, and case studies


Privy SaaS Pricing

Last but not least, we have Privy — the top-rated Shopify app!

Privy does have a three-level pricing table, but the most important component on this page is the calculator.

Here you can find the Privy cost calculator and the entire pricing page!

With this too, potential Privy customers can estimate their monthly costs based on the number of email and SMS contacts. Based on these inputs, Privy recommends plans to users.

Ultimately, this pricing page contains many valuable features that are tailored directly to Privy's target audience. Not only is the site stylistically impeccable, but it also addresses many questions, issues, and interests that Shopify sellers might have.

Undoubtedly one of the best pricing sites out there!

⬛ Purposeful simplicity

💰 Interactive cost calculator

❓ Detailed FAQ section

⭐ Animated customer reviews

SaaS Pricing Page — Tips for Your Business

There you have them, our favorite SaaS pricing pages of 2023.

From our experience with SaaS websites, we believe that everyone needs to treat their pricing page like any other important landing page. If you design it right, your pricing page can become your competitive advantage in the highly competitive SaaS industry.

Finally, our top tips to keep in mind when redesigning your pricing page:

  • A solid SaaS pricing strategy and a solid SaaS pricing model are very helpful when designing.
  • Don't neglect the mobile design of your pricing page.
  • Make sure your pricing table and texts are easy to understand for new website visitors.
  • Sometimes less is more when it comes to the information on a page. Avoid clutter.
  • Place CTAs strategically to drive leads into the funnel and maximize your conversions.

Of course, we're happy to discuss any questions your company has about designing SaaS pricing pages. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time via our contact page.


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